Spider Mites What are They?

Read everything you need to know about what makes a spider mite the most deadly pest on your farm or in your garden. This article will help you learn about spider mites and the damage they cause.

Gardener’s nightmare 

Ever heard of Spider mites? These are every gardener’s nightmare. The worst part when it comes to dealing with the spider mites is that these may be quite difficult to identify and it may take some time before you can actually get to notice the extent of damage that these may have caused in your garden. This is a common case where spider mites invade huge gardens when the farmer has spent long stretches of time without getting into the garden to conduct routine manual inspections.

Small red or yellow insects

Spider mites are the small red yellow insects that live on the bottom sides of leaves and in some secluded parts of the plants. In many cases the spider mites leave their webs around where they have been inhabiting and this may actually be the one way of identifying the presence of the spider mites in order to take necessary actions to curb the effect and spread of the spider mites. Spider mites are deadly insects. What you need to know is that the major reason why you have to watch out for spider mites in your garden is that these feed on the leaves of your crops and actually survive by sucking crop juice.

The spider mites are extremely small and are hard to notice but as a farmer or gardener you really need to keep a close eye on your crops especially if you have the slightest suspicion that your crops may be under the threat of spider mites. Usually when the crops have been attacked by these insects you will notice some spotted damage on the crops before you can actually get to see the actual spider mites.

Remove spider mites asap 

If you are a gardener and you notice spider mites on your plants the next thing is to do all you can to remove these before the damage gets too extensive to manage and to control. A simple and continuous watering of the plants can be an effective method of getting rid of spider mites. You can make the most of a pressure hose and target the bottom sides of leaves as you are watering your crops. This will effectively purge the spider mites and your plants will be safe.

Avoid flooding

If you are sticking with the continuous watering method you have to be smart with it and avoid flooding your garden in the bid of getting rid of spider mites. Water your garden from time to time in well placed intervals. If you are experiencing more consistent and serious problems with spider mites you then have to consider going for more affective methods of getting rid of spider mites. If you have noticed spider mites on your plants you have to immediately remove those identified plants and keep the rest of the plants free from the siege of these deadly insects.

Neem oil

More effective methods of getting rid of the spider mites include applying the neem oil onto the plants. This may be quite laborious but if you are to really get rid of these deadly plants this is one very effective method that you can get to make the most of in dealing with the problematic spider mites. The easiest way of using this method is to mix the oil with water and then spray effectively over the plants. There are many other methods that you can also consider to treat your plants from the siege of spider mites.

We hope you enjoyed this article about spider mites and learned effective spider mite treatments.