Spider Mites

If you are a gardener or a farmer then chances are high that you already know what spider mites are. Spider mites are deadly insects that feed on the sap of your plants effectively damaging the crop population. Many farmers and gardeners are not aware of the effective remedies that exist out there to curb the ravaging presence of spider mites on crops. In order to administer spider mites pest control methods effectively you to need at least have some basic understanding of the nature of these deadly insects. Spider mites favor hot and dry and conditions.

Keep them at bay

The foregoing gives you a cue that one of the most effective ways of keeping the spider mites at bay is to continuously water your plants. There are also various chemical based pest measures that you can implement in your quest to get rid of these ravaging pets. One of these methods entails applying the neem oil on the plants. This can be a painstakingly laborious task although the best way of administering this method is to mix the oil with water and spray over the plants effectively to ensure that you hit the target areas of these pests.

They live under the leaves

Spider mites live in the under side of crop leaves  so this is the area that you must target as you are spraying over your plants. If you want to go for the method of applying the neem oil in order to get rid of the spider meets then you have to consider applying the oil when it is dark outsides. If it is not possible then you have to settle for applying the oil during the day. Mixing the oil with water will be again an effective approach of administering this pest control measure. Natural methods come out to be some of the best methods of controlling the siege of spider methods.

Lady Bugs

Besides watering your plants continuously to keep the spider mites at bay you can attract some lady bugs in your garden. What lady bugs do is to feast on the mites, aphids as well as other common pests that invade garden and are quite tough to eliminate especially using chemical based pest control methods. If you are interested in more effective as well as natural ways of control pests and particularly with stubborn pests such as spider mites you can actually research about beneficial insects and how you can get to attract these and get them into your garden so that they can effectively eliminate the troublesome pests such as the deadly spider mites.

Natural methods

The good part with going for the natural methods such as using other pests to control other pests is that lady bugs for instance will actually get to control other dangerous pests beyond just feasting on the spider mites. The other very effective method of dealing with the spider mites is using Diatomaceous earth. This is chemical that is available in a comparatively cheap powder that works by dehydrating the mites and various other common pests that may have invaded your garden. Remember that natural methods are the best and more effective methods than chemical based methods which can actually lead to the spider mites getting more chemical resistant in the long run.

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